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This page features news and updates about Certify'em. The latest news will always appear at the top. Feel free to reference this page in your own blogs or publications. #certifyem.

Send Certificates to Bcc Address - August 9, 2019

Want to have copies of certificates stored in an additional location? Or just notify someone else in your organization when someone passes an exam? Then use the new "Certificate Bcc" field in the Certify'em Advanced Options. When filled-in, all certificate emails sent to those who pass an exam will be Bcc'd to the address you specify. Exam-takers will not see this Bcc'd address when viewing the email that contains their certificate.

Note that these Bcc emails will count against your daily email quota set by Google.

More Ways to Email - October 15, 2018

There are two new ways to customize and personalize the emails you send exam-takers!

(1) Send Email on Attempt: Now you can send an email when someone attempts, but does not pass your exam. The option to do this is called "Send email on attempt", and can be found in the Advanced Options. If checked, an email will be sent to the exam taker if they don't pass your exam. You can also set your own custom subject and body for the email. Note that as with certificate emails, attempt emails will count against your daily email quota set by Google.

(2) Merge Tags in Subject and Body: If using your own custom subject and email body (for certificate and/or attempt emails), you can now use merge tags to make them more personalized. These are the same merge tags available in custom certificates. For example:

Subject: Thanks for your submission to {{title}}

Email Body: Sorry {{full name}}, you did not pass the exam: {{title}}. Your score: {{percent}}. Passing score: {{passing percent}}.

New Advanced Options - August 6, 2018

Advanced Options allow you to further customize your exam and exam-taker's experience. Now you can personalize the email sent to those who pass your exam, and change the message they see upon submission. You can also choose whether to send certificates as an image (instead of PDF), and to share the certificate via Google Drive instead of email. The latter is helpful in schools where students have no access to their email account.

To access advanced options, click the "Advanced" link at the bottom of the Certify'em pop-up menu. For detailed instructions on each option, see the Help Page on Advanced Options.

Also new in this version is a change to certificate ID's, which now have a 6 letter code prepended to them that is unique to your exam. For example:

    • Old ID's: CE000014, CE000015
    • New ID's: XFD4V5-CE000014, XFD4V5-CE000015

Here XFD4V5 is a code unique to your exam, and which will be present in all future certificate IDs generated for that exam. Each exam will have it's own unique code. This enables easier searching for certificate IDs when you have many exams setup.