Introducing Gold and Platinum Plans for Certify'em

Posted: July 27, 2020

Summary: Certify'em now offers paid versions. Starting October 26, the free version will add an attribution label to each certificate sent. You may need to update your certificate template(s) before then.

What is Happening? Why?

Certify'em has been a completely free tool since 2017. Since then it has grown in use significantly, now sending hundreds-of-thousands of certificates daily, with over 24 million certificates sent in total.

To help offset the costs of maintaining such a popular tool, I am introducing paid subscriptions to Certify'em, and making a small change to the existing, free version.

Will Certify'em Remain Free? Do I need to do anything?

Don't worry, Certify'em will remain a free tool with all the same features it's had until now! The only small change will be an attribution label added to each certificate sent. The attribution will say "Made for free with Certify'em", and will appear in the bottom-right of each certificate. The image below shows approximately how this will look.

This attribution label will be added starting October 26, 2020. If you you plan to continue using the free version of Certify'em, you will need to update your certificate template(s) to accommodate this change before then.

Prior to October 26, you can test the attribution label on your certificates by using the "Email me Sample" feature in Certify'em.

Introducing Certify'em Gold and Platinum

I am pleased to introduce 2 paid subscriptions: Certify'em Gold and Certify'em Platinum. These competitively priced subscription plans add increased functionality to Certify'em, as well as remove the attribution label from emails and certificates. Please refer to the table below for details on what is offered in each plan.

If you wish to learn more and/or purchase, please visit our page on Plans & Pricing.