Using Certify'em for the First Time

Follow these instructions if you've never installed Certify'em, and wish to try it out.

Not ready to install Certify'em just yet? See how it works by taking this easy 3 question exam and earning a certificate.

1. Click the image below to install Certify'em from the Workspace Marketplace:

2. Once there, click the blue "INSTALL" or "INDIVIDUAL INSTALL" button at the top.

3. You'll be asked to authorize Certify'em to run in your Google account. Certify'em needs these permissions to be able to email certificates, read your certificate templates, and keep certification records in your Google account.

For more information about what you're authorizing, see our FAQs and Terms of Service. In short, Certify'em does not store or share any of your Quiz data, and all data remains in your Google account.

4. A new Google Quiz (aka "Form") will be created, and you'll see this message pop-up:

5. Click the puzzle icon, and then select "Certify'em", followed by "Show Certify'em Controls".

6. Get Started!