Certify'em Limits

Users of Certify'em are subject to usage quotas (limits) which affect how many responses and certificates Certify'em can process per day. 

Please review the sections below to understand these limits, and whether or not Certify'em will meet your needs.

Daily Email Quota

Your daily email quota depends on which Certify'em plan you are using:

Note that if you choose to send emails for exam attempts (an email is sent even when exam-takers don't pass), then those emails also count towards this limit. Certificates delivered to multiple recipients (via Cc or Bcc) also count towards this limit.

Exceeding this daily quota will affect the ability of Certify'em to send certificates until it is reset (once every ~24 hours).

* Requires that your account has access to Gmail (gmail.com). Without access you will be limited to 60 emails recipients / day, even with the GOLD or PLATINUM plan.
**The higher limit of 1500 email recipients / day requires a mature Google Workspace account (at least 60 days have passed since you have reached the $100 USD payment threshold). Prior to this your quota will be lower. If you do not have a Workspace account (i.e. you have a regular @gmail.com account) then you will be limited to 400 email recipients / day (same as GOLD plan).

Daily Server Quotas

Users of Add-ons like Certify'em can be subject to other daily quotas from Google too. These quotas are imposed by Google, and not by Certify'em. These are related to factors like total processing time per day, total database accesses per day, usage of Google Drive services, etc. Exceeding these quotas will also affect the ability of Certify'em to process responses and send certificates until they are reset by Google (every ~24 hours).

What Happens If I Exceed a Quota?

When you surpass a daily quota, Certify'em can no longer process Google Form responses and send emails to exam-takers. To avoid the confusion this may cause, Certify'em will try to automatically turn ON Automatic Certification and disable access to your exam if it detects you've exceeded any of these daily quotas. This is to ensure that exam-takers can always receive a certificate if they take your exam. Users visiting your exam will see a message like "This form is no longer accepting responses".  Additionally, you will not be able to resend certificates manually until the quotas have reset.

Quotas are reset approximately every 24 hours. After turning Automatic Certification OFF in your exam, Certify'em will check back every hour until these quotas have reset, at which point it will try to turn Automatic Certification ON and and reenable exam access. You will not be notified again by email when Automatic Certification is turned back ON.

Even once your daily quotas  have been restored, any Google Form responses made while quotas were exceeded will not be automatically reprocessed by Certify'em. You will instead need to process these using the Issue Certificates Manually functionality of Certify'em.

Can My Daily Quotas Be Increased?

Daily email quotas can be increased by purchasing a Gold or Platinum plan.

Daily server quotas are set for Add-ons by Google, not Certify'em, so unfortunately they cannot be increased. 

If you need to send more certificates each day than you can now, here are a few options for you to consider: