Resending Certificates

You may wish to have Certify'em reprocess one or more Google Form (Quiz) responses. For example, say you turned OFF Certify'em in your exam but still chose to accept responses in your Google Form. In order for individuals to receive their certificates, you would then need to go back and reprocess their responses.

You can also use this feature to re-issue certificates to participants who for some reason did not receive theirs.

To reprocess responses and resend certificates, follow these steps outlined below.

1. Access the "Resend Certificates" Interface

From the Add-on menu in your Google Form and choose "Certify'em > Resend Certificates". A window like the one below will load in a few moments.

2. Locate the Response

The Resend Certificates interface has one row for each recently made Google Form response. These are responses that were made to the Google Form, whether or not Certify'em processed them. By default, only the last 30 days of responses are shown. You can increase this using the drop-down menu, but note that it may take longer to load.

Each row contains the following information, which you can use to locate the response(s) you wish to reprocess:

    • Timestamp: Date and time when this response was originally submitted to this Google Form. The timezone is shown in the column header.

    • Email: Email address of the person who submitted the response.

    • Full Name: The full name of the person who submitted the response (taken from the first question in your Google Form following the email address).

    • Percent: The quiz score as a percent (calculated as total points scored / total points possible). Note that this is calculated based on current quiz settings, and therefore may not match what is in the Records sheet for a given participant (i.e. if you changed point values or added/removed questions since their original response).

    • Already Processed? Indicates if Certify'em has already processed this response. Certify'em determines this by looking through the Certificate Records sheet that corresponds to this Google Form. If an entry with matching timestamp and email is found, then the row will show "Yes" for this value. If not, or if the Certificate Records sheet cannot be found or opened, then "No" will be shown instead.

The responses are ordered from most recent to least recent.

3. Reprocess or Edit

Depending on your subscription plan, you will be able to take one or both of the actions below:

Click the "Reprocess" Button

Once you find the response(s) you with to reprocess, click the "Reprocess" button next to each. Responses can take anywhere from 20 seconds to 6 minutes to reprocess, so be patient. Tip: You can reprocess up to 10 responses at once.

If reprocessing of a response is successful, a new entry will be written to the Certificate Records sheet. If the response received a passing score, a new certificate (with new certificate ID) will be sent. Note that the "Timestamp" written in the Certificate Records sheet (column A) will reflect either the date and time when the original response was made, or the time you Edited the response (see below).

Click the "Edit" Button

This feature is not available in the free version of Certify'em.
Once you find the response(s) you with to reprocess, click the "Edit" button next to each. If your Google Form settings allow users to edit their responses (see image below), this will open a new window where you can edit the response on behalf of the user (i.e. to correct a type-o in their name). Once done editing, you will need to resubmit the Form.

Important Notes:

  • Note that if certification is ON in your Form, then this response will be automatically processed by Certify'em upon the Form's resubmission. There is no further need for you to click the "Reprocess" button.

  • The Resend Certificates window will not update after you edit and resubmit a response. You will need to re-open the Resend Certificates window to see any changes reflected there.

  • If your Google Form settings do not allow users to edit their responses, you can first change that setting before opening the Resend Certificates window (see image below). Note though that while this setting is enabled, any new exam-takers will also be able to edit their own response (they are shown a link to do so immediately after they submit the Google Form). Hence you should use this setting carefully, and disable it as soon as you are done editing.

The image above shows the Google Form setting that allows for editing of responses.