Certify'em Plans & Pricing

Gain key features with Certify'em Gold
Unlock everything with Certify'em Platinum!

Certify'em Free

100% Free to Use

Automatically send certificates

Select a professionally designed template

Send to as many as 60 email recipients / day

Use your own custom certificate template

Maintain records of all exam attempts

See table below for a list of all features

Certify'em Gold

All Certify'em Free features

Remove "Made for free with Certify'em"

Send to as many as 400 email recipients / day *

Gain additional options to customize certificates

Edit Form responses, customer support, & more!

$7.99 USD / month  or  $79.99 USD / year

Certify'em Platinum 

All Certify'em Gold features

Even more certificate customization options

Send to as many as 1500 email recipients / day **

Save all sent certificates in Google Drive

Verify certificate authenticity with QR codes

$12.99 USD / month  or  $129.99 USD / year

A full list of Certify'em Gold and Platinum features are detailed in the table below:

* Requires that your account has access to Gmail (gmail.com). Without access you will be limited to 60 emails recipients / day, even with the GOLD or PLATINUM plan.

** The higher limit of 1500 email recipients / day requires a mature Google Workspace account (at least 60 days have passed since you have reached the $100 USD to Google payment threshold). Prior to this your quota will be lower. If you do not have a Workspace account (i.e. you have a regular @gmail.com account) then you will be limited to 400 email recipients / day (same as GOLD plan).

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