New Email Quotas, QR Codes,
and Price Increases

Posted: July 2, 2022

Summary: You can now send more emails per day with paid plans, and include a QR code in your certificate to verify authenticity. Prices will be increasing starting August 6, 2022. Save money by switching from a monthly to yearly subscription at the current price before the new price takes effect.

New Email Quotas

You can now send certificates to more than 100 recipients per day without needing to create a Google Workspace account!

The Certify'em Gold plan now lets you send emails to as many as 400 recipients per day from any Google account that has access to Gmail ( Need to send more? Users with a Google Workspace account and a Certify'em Platinum plan can email certificates to as many as 1500 recipients per day. Refer to the table below for more details.

* Note that for some account types and plans email quota is being increased, whereas for others it is being reduced. But if you started using Certify’em prior to July 3, 2022, you get to keep your existing email quota for a full year. That is, your email quota will not be reduced to the values shown in the table until early July 2023.

Include a QR Code to Verify Authenticity

Participants of your exams can now prove the authenticity of their certificates with a unique QR code. When someone scans the code with a camera on a mobile device, they'll be directed to a page on that shows information about the certificate including:

  • Name of Participant ("Issued To")

  • Certificate ID

  • Date Issued ("Issued On")

  • Email of person who issued the certificate ("Issued By")

  • A preview of what the certificate looks like

The ability to add QR codes to your certificates is only available with a Certify'em Platinum plan. Learn more here.

Example of what someone will see when they scan the QR code on a certificate

Price Increases

Starting August 6, 2023, the prices for Certify'em Gold and Certify'em Platinum will increase as shown in the chart below. If you currently have an active subscription, the new price will apply as of your next billing cycle. To determine the date of your billing cycle, open the "Plan & Payment" window within the Certify'em Add-on.

Save money by switching from a monthly to yearly subscription at the current price before the new price takes effect. If you purchase a new plan, any existing, active plan at the same email address will be automatically canceled.