Emails or Certificates Not Sending

IMPORTANT: If you just recently purchased/setup a Google Workspace domain for use with Certify'em, read this article first.

Why won't emails and/or certificates send to participants?

There are a few simple reasons why some certificates why participants may not receive an email:

If none of these simple reasons applies, consider these less frequent but still common issues and resolutions:

If none of these common issues seem to be the cause, you should also check:

If you have checked all of the issues above, you can also:

Can I Resend Missing Certificates?

Yes. If a certificate did not send for some reason (see previous section), don't fret. You can  have Certify'em reprocess the original Google Form/Quiz response. Note that any issues which prevented the original certificate from being sent will still apply (i.e. incorrect passing percent specified). See these instructions for more details.