Emails or Certificates Not Sending

Why won't emails and/or certificates send to exam-takers?

There are several common reasons why exam-takers may not be receiving emails, or think they are not:

  • Certification is not currently turned "ON" in your exam (check the Certify'em controls).
  • You have not specified the passing percentage you intended.
  • You have exceeded your daily email quota (see FAQs). In this case you should have received an email about this beforehand.
  • You have other Google Forms Add-ons installed and enabled which may be interfering with Certify'em. Try disabling or removing them.
  • The email is being sent, but is being rejected, or marked as SPAM, by the recipient's email service. To see if this may be the case:
      • Check your Gmail "Sent" mail folder to see if you can find a copy of an email to that user.
      • Check your exam's Certificate Records spreadsheet to see if you can find a record of the exam taker's submission(s).
  • Consider if the user may have entered an invalid or misspelled email address.

If none of these common issues seem to be the cause, you can also check:

  • Do you still have "Owner" or "Edit" permissions on the Google Form/Quiz where you installed Certify'em? If not, certificates cannot be sent. If this was unintentional, have the person who now owns the Quiz add you back with 'Edit' access, or as the Owner. If that is not possible, then have that person uninstall and then re-install the Certify'em Add-on themselves.
  • If using G Suite (paid Gmail from Google):
      • Check if your domain has an SPF record setup in its DNS and if not, set one up. This helps emails from your domain from being categorized as SPAM. If you're not sure how to do this, talk to your domain's I.T. admin, or the person who purchased your domain.
      • Sometimes brand new G Suite accounts (i.e. only weeks or months old) can have automated emails sent from them rejected, as a means to thwart spammers. If you think this may be the case, having your admin contact G Suite support may help.
  • Check the Certificate Records spreadsheet for a sheet called "Errors", which may point to some other problem.