Uninstalling Certify'em

IMPORTANT: If you have a paid subscription (i.e. Certify'em Gold or Platinum), note that uninstalling Certify'em via the steps below will not cancel your subscription. To cancel your subscription, visit www.certifyem.com/cancel.

How can I uninstall Certify'em?

You can always turn off certification in any Form/Quiz where Certify'em is installed. But if you wish to completely remove the Add-on from a specific Form, or from your account entirely, the steps below explain how to do this.

Tip: You can also follow these steps as a guide to disable or uninstall other Add-ons which might be interfering with Certify'em, such as FormLimiter. In all steps simply select the other Add-on to disable or uninstall, rather than Certify'em.

To begin:

  • Open any Google Form (it doesn't matter which). Be sure that you're logged into Google with the correct account.

  • From the 3-dot menu in the top-right, select "Add-ons" as shown below:

  • Click the gear icon next to the "Workspace Marketplace" logo, and from there click "Manage Apps":

Here you will see the Add-ons you, or your organization's Workspace administrator, have installed. Locate Certify'em and click the 3-dot menu to see a list of options:

At this point you have 2 options:

  1. To remove Certify'em just from this specific Google Form/Quiz, un-check the "Use in this document" option. Certify'em will no longer load, or be available in this Form. You can follow this same process later to re-check that option, making it again available in this Form.

  2. To completely uninstall Certify'em from your Google account entirely, click "Uninstall". Certify'em will no longer function in any Google Forms/Quizzes in your account, including ones which have previously been setup to send certificates. Note that if your organization's Workspace administrator has made Certify'em available to everyone in your organization automatically, you may only see option #1.