Why are emails being rejected?

What to do if emails are being rejected?

If you find that many emails sent by Certify'em are being rejected or bounced back to you, try one of these suggestions:

1. Remove any hyperlinks (i.e. www.mycoolclub.com) from the body of your email, as these can cause your email to look like SPAM by some filters.

2. If all of your emails always contain the same identical content, this can also make your emails appear as SPAM by some filters. Try varying up your content by using merge tags such as {{full name}}, {{email}}, and {{date}} such that each delivered email is slightly different. See this page (step 3) for a complete table of all available merge tags that can be used both in certificates, as well as emails. Be sure to do this both for certificate emails sent upon passing, and emails sent when exam-takers don't pass.

3. If you're using G Suite, especially if your G Suite account (domain) was recently created, see this article for common issues that can result in rejected emails.