Share for Support

To share your Exam with Certify'em (to help investigate issues), please follow all of these steps exactly.

Failure to follow all of the steps exactly will impede the investigation.

1. Open the Exam (Google Form/Quiz) where you use Certify'em, and select "Add collaborators" from the 3-dot menu, as shown below:

2. Enter the email address "" into the "Invite people" box, then click "Send".

Note: To enable quicker support, after clicking "Send" you can also copy and paste the "link to share" directly in your email to (see step 5).

3. Be sure to also share the Certificate Records sheet associated with this exam. To do so, open the Records sheet by clicking the link from the Certify'em menu in the Form/Quiz, as shown below:

4. Once the sheet is open, share it with "" with "Editor" access, as shown below:

5. In the same manner as steps 3, be sure to also share your Certificate Template file (Google Slide) with ''. Only "View" access is necessary for this file.

6. Send a quick email to to update them that you have shared the Exam and Records sheet.

Also include in this email your User ID, which is found in the "About Certify'em" window.

7. You may later revoke access to on your Exam, Records sheet, and Certificate Template file in a similar manner.