Automatically Issue Certificates
for Webinars

Certify'em issues certificates to thousands of webinar participants every month for free. Try it for your next webinar!

Why use Certify'em for webinars?

Certify'em rewards webinar participants by automatically issuing them participation or professional development certificates for free. There no need for you to prepare a list of attendee email addresses, and then perform numerous steps to generate and send certificates. Participants simply fill out your Google Form to automatically receive a certificate of your design via email, customized with their name, a unique ID, and the details of your webinar.

With Certify'em your webinar attendees will get an immediate reward for their attendance, and you'll maintain organized records of who you issued certificates to! That's less work for you, all done in minutes, and for free!

How much does Certify'em cost for webinars?

Certify'em has a free tier that serves the needs of many webinars. With it you can select and customize one of our professionally designed certificate templates, or design your own. Then automatically issue as many as 100 certificates per day*. And if you need to send more emails per day, remove our branding, save copies of issued certificates, or apply a QR code for verification, you can always upgrade to one of our affordable, paid plans.

*Requires an account with access to Gmail (

How do issue certificates for my webinar with Certify'em?

Follow these steps:

  1. Install Certify'em in your Google Account. If using this for work or school, be sure you're signed-in with your organization's account, and not a personal Gmail account.

  2. Review our general instructions or quickstart video to set up your Google Form with Certify'em, and also see these special steps for setting up Certify'em for attendance-only certificates.

  3. Be sure to test the Google Form yourself, to ensure you're satisfied with the certificate sent.

  4. After your webinar, share the link to your Google Form with participants. This can be done live via QR code or short-link, or via an email sent to all attendees.

  5. Within minutes of filling out the Google Form, participants will automatically receive their custom certificates!
    Or if you prefer, you can issue certificates later on.

  6. If any participants need their certificate re-issued, you can do so via the Resend Certificates feature.

Thousands of businesses, schools, and other organizations are benefiting from the ease and power of Certify'em.

Try Certify'em today and make yours next!