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Renews Regularly

For subscription plans, your payment card will be automatically charged each period (i.e. monthly) until you cancel.

Email Address

When purchasing, be sure to enter the email address of the account with which you use Certify'em. This is visible at the bottom of the Certify'em controls when certification is ON. This email will be associated with your subscription**.

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You will receive a receipt via email after your purchase. If you don't receive a receipt, contact us for support.

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IMPORTANT: The higher limit of 1500 email recipients / day requires a mature Google Workspace account.

This means you must be using Google Workspace (not @gmail.com), and that at least 60 days
have passed since you have reached the $100 USD to Google payment threshold.

If you do not have Google Workspace, or do but have not met the requirements yet, your quota will be at most 400 email recipients / day.

Pay monthly for flexibility

Pay yearly for best value

🇮🇳   Need to Purchase in Indian Rupees?  

Some banks in India may decline purchases made in foreign currencies. If you are in India and are encountering difficulty purchasing in USD ($) using the buttons above, you may instead try the links below to purchase directly in Rupees (₹):

Please note that the price you are charged in Rupees each payment period (i.e. month) may be adjusted over time due to changes in exchange rates between USD ($) and INR (₹).

**If an existing subscription is detected at the email you specify, it will first be canceled. In this case, you will receive both a cancellation confirmation email for the old subscription, and a purchase receipt for the new subscription