Cancellation Policy

When to Cancel

The paid subscription plans of Certify'em (i.e. Gold, Platinum) renew automatically and will continue to do so until you cancel your subscription.  An exception to this is the "Event Pass", which is a one-time purchase and so does not need to be cancelled.

You can always check your current subscription status from the "Plan & Payment" window in Certify'em.  

If you purchased a subscription with the wrong email address by mistake, there is no need to cancel. Just email us at and we can transfer your subscription to the correct email address.

How to Cancel

Cancellation of your subscription can be done by filling out our cancellation form.  You may choose to cancel with one of the options described below:


A plan cancelled "at the end of my current billing period" is not issued any refund.

The first month of a monthly plan is non-refundable, even if the plan is cancelled "immediately'"  Such requests will be treated as if the "at the end of my current billing period" option was selected.

Otherwise, for plans cancelled "immediately" a full refund will be issued if cancelled within 7 days of your most recent payment. Note that refunds take 5 - 10 business days to show on your payment card

If you feel you are entitled to a refund, despite not meeting the requirements described above, you can email us at to make your request. Please include information on what plan you purchased, when you purchased it, and why you are requesting a refund.