Transfer Certification to Another Account

Sometimes you may want to change the account being used to send certificates on a given exam (Google Form). For example, you may have set it up with the wrong account, you may be switching from Gmail to Google Workspace (aka G Suite) and want to transfer over your exams, you may need to take over the certification from someone else, or you may have changed the email address associated with your subscription.

You can accomplish this by following these recommended steps, in the order listed:

  • Login to Google using the account being used with Certify'em in the Google Form up until now.

  • Open the Google Form.

  • Open the Certify'em controls menu.

  • Turn OFF certification.

  • Add the new account as a collaborator on the Google Form (3-dot menu -> Add Collaborators). The new account should have Edit access to the Form. It's fine if you also want to transfer ownership, but it isn't necessary.

  • Also grant Edit or Owner access to the new account on these files:

    1. The "Certificate Records" sheet associated with Certify'em in this Form. This can be accessed by clicking the "Certificate Records" link in the Certify'em controls menu.

    2. The custom certificate template (Google Slides) file selected for use with Certify'em in this Form (if a custom template is being used).

    3. The Google Form's own responses spreadsheet (only if you setup your Google Form to record responses to a spreadsheet)

  • Login to Google using the new account to be used with Certify'em in the Google Form. To avoid confusion, you should also log out of the first account.

  • Open the Google Form.

  • Install or enable Certify'em, if necessary.

  • Open the Certify'em controls menu.

  • Turn ON certification.

  • Test.

  • If you're a subscriber of a paid Certify'em plan, email to request that your subscription be transferred to the new account. Be sure to include the email address of the old and new account.