Certify'em Not Loading

Why won't Certify'em load?

(1) If Certify'em has worked in the past, but isn't loading today:

  • It's possible there is a temporary outage. For example, if you see a message like "Unable to reach Google services", it's because Certify'em has timed out while waiting for Google to reply. Try again in a few hours, as the problem may resolve itself.
  • The problem could be related to your computer or internet connection. Try accessing Certify'em from a different computer, or different network (i.e. connect to the internet using your phone's hotspot instead of your usual WiFi connection).
  • Contact your organization's IT admin to see if they made any recent changes that might block access to Google services.

(2) If this is your first time trying to use Certify'em, and you see a message like "The feature you are attempting to use has been disabled by your domain administrator", then you will need to ask your the G Suite administrator at your business or school to change your G Suite settings to allow 3rd-party access to Drive files, as shown below.

Note: Changes to this setting may take up to a few hours to take effect.

(3) Or if you are seeing a different error, try these steps:

  • Uninstall the Certify'em Add-on and close the Form/ Quiz.
  • Make sure you are logged-in with only a single Google/Gmail account. Sometimes being logged in with multiple accounts at once can cause problems. You can easily try this by opening a new Incognito window in the Google Chrome browser and logging in there.
  • Open the Form/ Quiz again.
  • Ensure you are the "Owner" of the Form/ Quiz (see image below)
  • Re-install and authorize the Certify'em Add-on.