Certify'em Not Loading

Why won't Certify'em load?

(1) If Certify'em has worked in the past, but isn't loading today, it's possible there is a temporary outage. You may want to try again in a little while. If the problem persists for more than one day, please inform certifyem@certifyem.com.

(2) If this is your first time trying to use Certify'em, and you see a message like "The feature you are attempting to use has been disabled by your domain administrator", then you will need to ask your the G Suite administrator at your business or school to change your G Suite settings to allow 3rd-party access to Drive files, as shown below.

Note: Changes to this setting may take up to a few hours to take effect.

(3) Or if you are seeing a different error, try these steps:

  • Uninstall the Certify'em Add-on and close the Form/ Quiz.
  • Make sure you are logged-in with only a single Google/Gmail account. Sometimes being logged in with multiple accounts at once can cause problems.
  • Open the Form/ Quiz again.
  • Ensure you are the "Owner" of the Form/ Quiz (see image below)
  • Re-install and authorize the Certify'em Add-on.