Enabling Certify'em in an Existing Form / Quiz

If you have previously installed Cerify'em, then you don't need to install it again in the same account. You simply need to enable it to run in any Google Form / Quiz where you wish to setup an certification exam.

1. Open your existing Google Form (aka Quiz), or create a brand new one in Google Drive or directly with this link.

2. Click on the puzzle-piece icon at the top and select "Certify'em" from the list of installed Add-ons:

If you don't see Certify'em listed there, then it's likely you have not installed it in this account yet. See here for First Time Installation Instructions.

3. Then in the following menu, select "Enable Certify'em in this Quiz":

4. You'll see a notification telling you that Certify'em has been enabled. Click the "Get Started".

5. Your exam will be configured and the Certify'em menu will appear. Follow the Instructions to create a new exam and setup certification.